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Our project management team has decades of experience in addressing our clients’ facility management for both hard and soft services requirements. As a fully integrated facilities management company, we can meet those service requirements quickly, leading to early resolution.

Mario Group can provide a holistic integrated FM services for your core business or a bespoke package of individual hard and soft services. This allows our clients to continue their business activities knowing that the property maintenance services we conduct on their behalf will be carried out to the very highest quality standards supporting legal and regulatory requirements, and of course, including health and safety compliance.

What are facilities management (FM) services?

Facilities management services are a comprehensive range of various disciplines and services to ensure the functionality, comfort, health and safety and efficiency of a built environment — building maintenance, grounds maintenance, infrastructure and real estate. Facilities management is divided into two core functions: Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM) and Soft Facilities Management (Soft FM).

Many public sector and private sector organisations have requirements for both types of FM services, ensuring a comfortable working environment and wellbeing for your employees and clients, but what is the difference between hard and soft FM services?

What are hard services in facilities management (Hard FM)?

Hard facilities services relate to any tangible hard building maintenance, the physical part of the building’s fabric. These are facility management services which are often have regulatory and legal requirements, to ensure the safeguarding of employees and customers alike. Hard facilities services tasks include organising the installation of services, designing a property maintenance schedule and dealing with their day-to-day building maintenance, ensuring that existing operation of your core business runs smoothly.

The hard (FM) sector is fast growing, within Public Sector and Private Sector corporations both large and small across all industries sectors are turning to professional property management companies like Mario Group to assist them in navigating the regulatory requirements environment and ensuring long-term business continuity. Some examples of the hard services that Mario Group can provide include: CCTV, Lighting system, Fire Safety systems, and Air conditioning systems installations, plus further facilities upgrades when required. Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) prevents assets from breaking down by conducting regular maintenance work requests in-line with contractual Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements.

Mario Group advises you to review which facilities already exist, and ask yourself if they are sufficient and need assessed, if further facilities upgrades may be required in the future, or if the existing facilities need property maintenance. These are all important things that you need to consider before any facility management services are arranged.

Mario Group offers a comprehensive range of hard FM services, for further information please take time to read our complete “Hard FM Services ” by clicking on the relevant section below, or within the header menu navigation above.

What are Soft services in facilities management (Soft FM)?

Soft services management focusing on the non-technical aspect of the commercial property. Private Sector SMEs, major corporations and Public Sector organisations are turning to soft facility management companies to provide all aspects of building maintenance for the clients and employee satisfaction. Soft facilities services are tasks normally performed by people to carry out custodial property maintenance services such, pest control and recycling/waste management, commercial cleaning, security guard personal, and garden maintenance for existing facilities.

Hard and soft services will often have overlaps, of course. Security Personal is a good example, where the hard facility features will overlap, by making sure locks and entry security systems are working correctly and the soft facilities part is providing trained security staff to perform patrols and checks on staff and visitors.

Mario Group offers a comprehensive range of Soft FM Services, for further information please take time to read our complete “Soft FM Services” by clicking on the relevant section below, or within the header menu navigation above.

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Soft FM Services

Soft facility management services are those that ensure a comfortable and secure environment for the welfare of company’s employees, clients and visitors.

Hard FM Services

Hard facility management services relate to the physical maintenance of the building. Essential to ensure the safety and welfare of employees, clients, and visitors.

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