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Compliance Testing

Health and safety legislation as well as insurance policies require that electrical and other appliances are checked and serviced each year and that mobile appliances are PAT tested.  Don’t take the chance of invalidating your insurance.

Mario Group and their partners can carry out a planned maintenance programme to make sure you comply. These are carried out by qualified professionals and include:

  • Electrical testing lighting, appliances such as air conditioners
  • Mobile appliance testing (PAT)
  • Gas testing of boilers and other gas operated machinery
  • Plumbing testing of all areas requiring water

Lighting and Emergency Lighting

Together with our partners we can offer you a comprehensive lighting and emergency lighting service. The service comprises of regular maintenance and statutory six month and annual NICEIC-approved testing to ensure efficient operation.

Our comprehensive emergency lighting testing and assessment services include:

  • Full duration battery discharge test
  • Compliance with BS 5266-1
  • Survey to assess adequate coverage
  • Emergency illuminance assessment
  • Client training to carry out monthly functional test

Fire Alarm and Smoke Detecting Equipment

Every company has to have a fire detection and warning system. The types of equipment including detectors depend on the type of building and the work carried out in it. All fire prevention equipment has to be properly installed, tested and maintained and your staff must be trained to use them if necessary.

Mario Group can supply and fit the right fire prevention equipment for your company.

Electrical Systems and Fitting

Electrical distribution and control systems are the heart of any facility driving a reliable source of electrical power to facilitating the operations of any business so it requires regular scheduled maintenance.  

To maintain the optimal operation of your system, you cannot neglect maintenance as over time this will inevitably lead to costly emergency repairs and equipment failures. This neglect can unimaginable disruption to your operations in addition to elevated safety and property risks.

Mario Group can plan and execute a bespoke preventive maintenance programme to keep your electrical distribution system in good working order as each company’s requirement are different.

Air Conditioning Units

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive states that from January 2011 it is mandatory for air conditioning systems of 12kW and above to have a regular inspection programme in place.

Mario Group are fully qualified and accredited to ensure your air conditioning meets legislative standards. We are able to support you with the right ‘ACI’ Air Conditioning Inspection for the EPBD. The inspection will not only give you legal compliance with the Directive but also identify any system operational and maintenance improvements to reduce your carbon emissions and energy costs.

Gas Systems

We, together with our fully qualified and accredited partners, offer a comprehensive range of commercial and industrial heating solutions for companies in Scotland. We have access to an experienced team of specialist engineers who can provide the following services for all types of heating systems across industrial and commercial premises:
  • Boiler repairs and maintenance
  • Gas pipe installations and gas purging services
  • Commercial heating system designs and installations
  • Pipe lagging and installation
  • Flue installation and CCTV inspections

We aim to provide excellent customer service to meet our client’s needs. Our skilled engineers will do their utmost to resolve the issue you have with your heating solutions as quickly as possible.

Joinery and Glazing

Our partner is highly experienced in all forms of joinery and glazing. Using the finest materials and designs our workmanship is excellent because we have fully time-served trades people who have a wealth of experience. 

Our services range from fitting a range of windows and doors to a complete renovation; our team has the skills to deliver exceptional service to our customers.


Mario Group can field a fast and efficient team of plumbers to attend to your commercial plumbing problems. We have helped many businesses with their commercial plumbing issues no matter how serious the issue may seem.  We have a team of highly experienced plumbers that are also gas safe registered.

The services we are able to offer are toilet, washroom, pipe and appliance repairs and blockage removal.

Energy Management

Energy management is very much at the forefront of any organisation’s environmental responsibilities. Mario Group can offer an energy management service which reduces energy consumption for businesses, and public-sector/government organizations.

In practical terms, energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization. This usually involves measuring, metering and analysing your Measuring or metering your energy consumption and collecting the meter data to find and quantify routine energy waste, and investigate the energy savings that can be made.  

As an organisation, Mario Group measures its own energy use and is therefore experienced and able to put a programme in place for your company.

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