Soft FM Services

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Soft FM services are those that ensure a comfortable and secure environment for a company’s employees and visitors. They include services such as Building & office cleaning, window cleaning, general cleaning services, security and pest control

Routine Cleaning

Since 2008, Mario Group Facilities Management Scotland has been providing soft FM routine commercial cleaning services. Providing high-quality service in a wide range of private and public sectors to clients as diverse as universities, housing associations, commercial companies, clubs and coffee shops.

Our routine commercial cleaning services help you maintain a safe and clean environment for your staff and customers. It takes the burden away from your staff who can concentrate on building your business.

We understand that a company’s brand and reputation reflected in the presentation of their premises. For this reason, we work closely with our clients to find the best solution for them by surveying the areas to clarify the range of services they would need. Mario Group will then develop a bespoke soft FM services framework agreement that covers all requirements and meets the high expectations and quality of service delivery demanded by our customers.

Our staff members are our greatest asset, so we provide an extensive programme of training that includes a soft FM skills e-learning option they can complete at their own pace. Operatives all receive specific induction training on the site’s location and nature of their day-to-day operations so we can take all issues and eventualities into consideration.


Specialist Cleaning

There are always tough cleaning jobs that need the professionals–this is where we can help. Mario Group has built up the experience and skills to carry out a variety of soft services specialist cleaning tasks. Some environments are very challenging in terms of health and safety for our staff and for our clients.

We give our staff extensive training and provide them necessary soft FM skills along with personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable to the task. Our soft facilities management services expertise is wide ranging!

Environmental Cleaning

Bird guano, sharps and unsightly graffiti all affect our customers. Our fleet vehicles all carry the tools and equipment to respond to calls for environmental cleaning, our highly skilled and technology-enabled specialist cleaning teams can respond at short notice.

Building & Office Cleaning

We understand your real estate space should always be clean and presentable.

Our project managers will liaise with you to design a customised commercial cleaning schedule for your business. We have developed rigorous systems and procedures to create hygienically, clean working environments.

Mario Group operate to ISO International Standards and all our equipment are PAT tested and assets registered in-house, besides we also document all our COSHH Data and produce RAMS for each chemical we use, providing our clients with peace of mind that Mario Group is implementing rigorous processes ensuring the health and safety of employees and visitors.

Our hiring practices ensure that all of our employees undergo extensive soft FM training. This gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Our building & office soft facilities management services we can provide to you:

  • Assess all sites, or parts of the office, creation of routine cleaning schedule planning.
  • Create a daily cleaning schedule that focuses on disinfecting touch points and high-traffic areas and the use of specialist disinfectant products.
  • Enhanced cross-infection prevention office cleaning services, Mario Group can make sure your business is a safe space.
  • Cloud-based client login portal system allowing access to all relevant client documentation.
  • Carry out site COVID-19 risk assessments and provide a deep cleaning plan.
  • Respond immediately, providing deep cleaning services should any cases of COVID-19 confirmed.
  • Give your employees the confidence to come back to work. This will lead to happier and more productive employees and less sick days.

Deep Cleaning

In order to maintain good hygiene standards, a deep clean is needed in a number of areas around the working environment. Mario Group can provide a deep clean service in:

  • Kitchens that include moving appliances away from the walls, ceilings, extractors, ventilators, ovens, microwaves refrigerators and floors.
  • Carpets that are cleaned using a robust water extraction system to minimise drying time so that normal office activities can resume quickly.
  • Whole office cleaning or facility deep cleaning – these types of cleans are essential for keeping employees and visitors to your premises safe. Following the coronavirus outbreak that has indicated the virus can remain on surfaces for 48 hours, a deep clean is essential to prevent staff from becoming ill when they return to the workplace.


Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Disinfection Deep Clean:
Providing a safe and secure environment for staff returning to the workplace is going to be at the forefront of all soft facilities management services.

Mario Group’s soft services facilities management have an efficient and effective Covid-19 deep cleaning service. Our staff members are appropriately protected during the cleaning process while making sure that your premises are cleaned and disinfected to the highest hygiene standards.

The service includes disinfecting all surfaces using industrial-strength NHS Actichlor Plus or Evan Safe Zone Disinfectant, both of which have been approved by the World Health Organisation. These brands are effective chlorine disinfectant products for all aspects of surface and environmental disinfection.

We thoroughly disinfect and clean on all surfaces paying particular attention to common touch areas such as door handles, touch plates, banisters, light switches, hard furniture i.e. desks, chairs arms, coffee tables. We concentrate on outside touch surfaces such as external handles, door plates, and the whole length of the doors.

Touch areas will be cleaned with a spray of the above disinfectant and wiped clean to embed the disinfectant using a disposable cloth for each clean to prevent cross-contamination.

Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning (Carpet) Soft Services

Dirty carpets make a terrible first impression on visitors, while clean carpets do a lot to improve the overall atmosphere and appearance of the office. Having clean office carpets in excellent condition improves the appearance and moral of the entire working environment.

Without professional carpet cleaning service, office carpets can also become home to a range of parasites, including fleas, lice and skin mites. Only professional commercial cleaning services can guarantee the deep clean restoring your carpets to pristine condition.

Mario Group offers commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses of all sizes. We equip our mobile team of professional carpet cleaners with effective, eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment that enable them to carry out a thorough cleaning job on any commercial carpet.

Commercial Cleaning (Hard-Flooring) Soft Services

Hard-flooring being the optimum choice in many commercial businesses premises, ensuring that it is thoroughly clean is always an issue. Areas of high footfall can accumulate dirt and become tired quickly. We can carry out a thorough cleaning service of your hard flooring, restoring them to their former glory outside of office hours to minimise disruption.

It is important to enlist the help of a professional floor cleaning specialist, as different surfaces can require specialist products and methods; using the wrong materials might damage or dull your flooring.

Mario Group handpicks the required products and correct application methods to ensure optimum performance and care of your hard flooring. All the products we use are COSHH assessed and equipment and materials supplied by us.

Mario Groups commercial cleaning services can revitalise a wide range of hard flooring surfaces from Wood, Vinyl, Marble, Ceramic, Slate, Stone or Tile flooring. It will look as good as new. Our technicians can clean and restore any hard flooring back to its newly laid appearance, making it look better than ever before.

Front of House Services

Making a good first impression is essential. Your reception is an extension of your brand and one of the first access points to welcome your guest or visitors. Mario’s reception and front of house services will enhance your visitor experience by giving them a personalised welcome thus leaving a good lasting impression. Our soft services include reception and front of house, meeting and conference facility hosting, main entrance, meet and greet, corporate reception, hospitality management and concierge services.

High Pressure Cleaning

First impressions count! A grubby entrance to your company creates a poor impression of your organisation. Mario Group’s high-pressure washing service can leave your entrance and the surrounding area clean and debris free.

Window Cleaning

Water Pole Fed System

Our mobile high reaching, water-fed pole washing systems for external and internal windows to ensure a consistent smear-free finish.

Mario Group vehicles carry the water tanks and the cleaning equipment, and we only ever use purified filtered water to ensure the best clean possible. It’s also environmentally friendly, with no additives used.

Our high-reach, water-fed pole system allows us to reach up as high as a 4 story building from the ground without need for expensive cherry pickers or cradles.

MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms)

Very tall buildings over 4 stories high that have access limitations, we use our mobile elevated working MEWPs platforms. This gives us the flexibility to move around without compromising health and safety regulations.

Mario Groups technicians have received full training and hold an International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) certificate.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters fill with leaves and debris not only during the autumn, but all year round so to prevent overflowing gutters, they should be cleared at least twice per year. Our high level wet/dry vacuum system that can reach heights of 11m will leave your gutters clear with the minimum of disruption to your customers.

Garden Maintenance

The level of garden maintenance speaks volumes about an organisation and a reflection of the standards that it applies.

Mario Group can provide you with a planned garden maintenance service that will keep the gardens in your care looking their best across all the seasons. Regular maintenance include lawns, pruning, weed control, hedge cutting, plant bed weed removal and replanting, weed and grass removal from pathways and debris removal, including toxic materials such as dog faeces and sharps. We are able to jet-wash your entrance pathways, removing moss from your facility so that they are safe to use for your staff and visitors.

Handyman Service

Our handyman service can provide you with a valuable and reliable service. Our experienced handyman personnel have built the soft FM skills over many years to carry out a wide variety of handyman services from regular maintenance to minor repairs and removals.

Helpdesk 24/7

Mario Group operates a 24/7 customer service helpdesk that can be adapted to a variety of sectors. Communication with our Helpdesk team is available through web-based forms, email and telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that we provide a means of contact that suits the requirements of each client.

Housekeeping Services

Our housekeepers have extensive experience of managing high volume turn around services for hotels and educational establishments. Our soft services include bed making, room and bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning against tight deadlines so that units can be turned over very quickly in a busy hospitality environment.

Pest Control

Mice and rodents can seriously affect the health and safety of your employees and customers so it makes sense to have a preventative programme in place that continuously monitors your premises.

Our pest control services take care of rodents, birds, bed bugs, wasps and other insects using eco products and the most humane methods.

Washroom and Hygiene Services

Maintaining clean and hygienic washrooms are a fundamental service that Mario Group can provide while saving you money through the use of innovative technology, the technology we use measures footfall so that operatives only check premises when they are needed, manage dose control to reduce chemical usage.

We can provide smart hand dryers that can reduce your energy consumption and emissions while providing you with a revenue stream through on appliance advertising panels.

Waste Management and Recycling

As a fully licenced and approved waste carrier, Mario Group specialises in all aspects of waste management and recycling services across a wide range of sectors. We provide a professional and knowledgeable service across all our client sectors.

Our experience and expertise ensure we can meet your exact waste disposal and/or recycling solutions with bespoke facility management solutions provided exclusively for your particular requirements.

We can provide you with an entire waste management service or we can manage your recycling services for you. We are always increasing our capabilities and improving our processes to deliver the best recycling and waste management services.

Our waste facility management services cover:
Consumables, hazardous waste, office paper recycling and confidential waste, recycling from wood, glass, cardboard and plastic, site clearance. WEEE directive, total waste management, supplying waste recycling equipment such as skips, balers, shredders etc.

Security Services

Our security services cover a variety of sectors from entertainment venue protection to guarding building’s facility and gate security guards for the manufacturing sector.

Safety of employees, customers and property is always a priority for any organisation so why take a chance with that safety?

Our security guards are fully qualified and uniformed and will protect against unauthorised entry, assault or injury and damage to property.

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